I Arrive in Zambia

I was born on the 22nd of January 2013 in a small town in the North West Province of South Africa called Stilfontein.  About then Mum had started to look for a new puppy – she told me that the family was just not the same without a Schnauzer being part of it – so she phoned Dolphie’s birth parents, they told her about me and a few weeks later I got a passport and went on a long, scary journey.

I arrived at my new town’s airport very, very frightened. It was hot and noisy and I was very thirsty. Then I heard Mum’s voice for the first time; she hugged me and kissed me and took me outside to the shade of a tree and gave me some cold water to drink. And I fell in love. I love my Mum most of all the people I know.

Exhausted after a long and scary flight

Exhausted after a long and scary flight


What just happened to me?

To welcome me to my new home Mum and Dad took me out on the boat. I love being on the boat but like I’ve said before Mum says I’m too bouncy and she is afraid I will jump overboard. The river is not a safe place to swim in and there are lots of crocodiles, so these days I don’t get to go on the boat much any more.




At first the other dogs didn’t like me and they ignored me – I think it was because they could smell I was frightened – but now everyone listens when I speak (except perhaps the cat. But she is my friend, so I don’t mind).

I am the Boss of this house

I am the Boss of this house



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Just a Schnauzer in Africa
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