The Perils of Pond Swimming

Being cute and adorable is hot and thirsty work and usually at the end of the day – when we get home from the office, or from a drive to town – the first thing I do is jump into the fish pond to cool down and to have a long, cold drink (Mum always takes water in the car for me but there’s something about the taste of pond water …).

This last week has been hotter than before and I’ve spent a lot of time in the pond. Jump in, get wet, jump out, run around, get dry, jump in again. You get the idea?

Why do the others Always copy what I do?

Why do the others Always copy what I do?

Yesterday morning my foot started to get very sore.

Can you see my foot is sore?

Can you see my foot is sore?

Well, it was sore and itchy at the same time and I didn’t know whether to scratch or lick so I did both. When I went to bed Mum noticed I was licking and scratching and licking and scratching. She asked me what was wrong and called me to sit on her bed so that she could have a look at my foot.

Mum! My foot's sore!

Mum! My foot’s sore!

She pushed and prodded and pulled the hair this way and that while I wriggled and tried to get away from her. Mum kept saying “Keep still. I know this hurts, but it is for your own good”. How can something that hurts so much be good for you? It was so sore it made me howl!

Then the pushing stopped and she showed me what she had taken out of my foot. It was a maggot. Yuk!

Mum explained to me that in this hot weather the flies come out to breed – Mum calls them Putsi (rhymes with footsie – pretty apt I thought) Flies. They lay their eggs on warm, moist, furry things  – like my hair after I have been swimming. The eggs hatch into maggots which bury into the flesh of their host (me). When they have eaten and grown they hatch out as new flies. How disgusting!

Today Mum is going to buy some dip from the chemist – I really hope that will keep the flies off me because I don’t want to have to stop swimming.


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