Early Morning Exercize

Every day my annoying brother and silly sisters get to go for a ride in the back of the truck with Dad.


Dad drives slowly, so they can jump off the back whenever they feel like running — and when they get tired, they jump back on again.


When they get home they are full of interesting smells. I sniff and bark and yap and jump up and down around them, begging them to tell me where they went and what they saw. They know everything that happens on this farm and I really have to nag to get them to tell me anything.


Mum says I am too small and wont let me go with. But sometimes, if she can get me up early enough in the morning (I like to lie in, which suits Mum ’cause so does she), she will join Dad on his rounds and I get to go too!

The thing is though, she wont let me out of the car to run — she is afraid I will get too close to the wheels and get run over — so I have to stay in the front with her, but that’s OK. I get so excited watching the big dogs run. I jump from one side of the truck to the other, standing on Mum’s or Dad’s lap, and I stick my head out of the window and I bark!

It is such fun!

I think I’m going to get up early tomorrow. Maybe we can go for a ride?



About Tikkievan

Just a Schnauzer in Africa
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8 Responses to Early Morning Exercize

  1. Wakie, wakie early in the morning! The early bird catches the bird!

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  2. T, it’s good to hear from another schnauzer. Your Mom is right, you need to stay in the truck. After Mom starts the car I won’t go anywhere near it , even though I love to ride and go, go, go – she has to come pick me up to put me in.

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