Loadshedding (Whatever That Means)


Mum gets cross ’cause she says there’s no electricity for eight hours every day, so she can’t work or Skype her folks or write blogs.

Last night the power went off. I thought it was cool, all that candle wax dripping and moths to chase. And I can see in the dark, so I don’t need electricity at night.

Anyway, Mum downloaded this app. I thought she said nap. What?! We’ve only just got up! But she told me it’s a phone thing, silly. It works even when there’s no electricity and I can be the first to use it to write a blog.

Here’s a picture of me and My Cat. She thought there was a zombie behind the curtain. Luckily I’ve recently joined the Zombie Squad (more about that later) — Private Tikkie the Zombie Slayer is my new name — so I know how to check. There wasn’t a zombie.

OK. Seems this app thing doesn’t work quite like it should. The picture went to the media files on Mum’s own blog. So I’ll have to wait until electricity comes on again if I want to upload that picture (uh oh … Mum’s cross again).

Eight hours later, here’s the picture:



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7 Responses to Loadshedding (Whatever That Means)

  1. wow, Tikki, you are so brave – a zombie slayer. If I didn’t already have the bestest boyfriend in the whole world (Noodle of https://noodle4president.wordpress.com/) I would be hot on your tail. (Oh, oh, I hope Noodle doesn’t read that part.)
    So, why don’t you all just adjust your sleep time to the 8 hours when the electricity is off? And do you not get hot/cold with it off? I never can remember what the season/temperatures are in Africa. Oh, and be sure to blog your zombie slaying experiences. There must be lots of them out this time of year, just before Halloween!

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    • Tikkievan says:

      Ooo Lexi, you have made me blush 🙂

      A good idea about sleeping when power is off. But it’s usually off during the day when it is very very hot at this time of year – sleeping is almost impossible! Also, Dad’s a farmer, so trying to persuade his employees to work at night would be ‘interesting’ hehe.

      I promise to tell you about the zombies soon. xx


  2. Oh it’s a nuicens when you can’t use the PC. Very frustrating. Cute photo though!


  3. Tikkie the brave Zombie slayer. You Mum is lucky to have you around to protect her from them. Regarding the load shedding, we poor humans cannot see in the dark – you are so lucky.

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