Oh The Shame!

So I might have gone for an unscheduled off-road walk this morning. And on said walk I may have encountered one or two (fairly large) burr bushes.

But dreadlocks are a thing, right?

And this is a travesty!


A Travesty I tell you!

How am I to face my public looking like this?


I’m sure there is a law against this sort of thing.


Chin up. Stiff upper lip and all that. I Shall overcome this violation!

Upon reflection it really was worth it though – such a beautiful way to start the day.



About Tikkievan

Just a Schnauzer in Africa
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9 Responses to Oh The Shame!

  1. Well, now because you went on an unofficial walk-about, and had to have those awful burrs drastically removed, you are going to feel really, really cold! I hope your Mum has bought you a lovely new coat until the summer comes. 🙂

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  2. Amy says:

    Tikki, you are still a handsome boy. There is a small schnauzer I am paid to groom like that every 6 weeks, and she doesn’t mind a bit. Besides, you have to admit it was much better than having all those burrs pulled out of your hair!


    • Tikkievan says:

      Aaaw thank you! (I am blushing 😛 )
      Now that the burrs are out I am very relieved, but the process was traumatic! For me and also for Mum (she does the grooming – there are no professional groomers near by)!
      Between you and me, after that experience I think I might insist on this look from now on 😉

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  3. Haha, Trompie can relate to this! I also have to clean him up after winter because of his curls too!


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